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Twin Hike: Mount Pamitinan and Hapunang Banoi

Posted by Frenz Warly Vallente on January 29, 2017

After a couple of months since our hike to Mount Binacayan, I finally decided to try Mount Pamitinan and Mount Hapunang Banoi to be the first hike for this year. The three mountains are considered as Montalban's Favorites and these three mountains share Wawa Dam and Carugo Falls as must-see-side-trips after an exhausting activity. The activity was posted by Jennilyn Ramer on Funbuddies during the second week of January. It was my first time to try a twin-hike so I somehow hesitated at first but since I was missing the thrill and fun of hiking activities at Funbuddies, I decided to join and prepared for the upcoming days.


03:00AM - Meet up at Jollibee, Farmers Mall in Cubao and ride a van going to Rodriguez
04:00AM - ETA Rodiguez. Ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Wawa
04:30AM - ETA Brgy. Wawa. Register with your hike buddies.
04:45AM - Start trek to Pamitinan
07:00AM - ETA to the summit of Pamitinan and witness the sea of clouds
09:00AM - Start to descend
11:00AM - Lunch at the junction
12:00PM - Start trek to Hapunang Banoi
03:00PM - ETA to the summit of Hapunang Banoi
04:00PM - Start to descend
06:00PM - Back to Brgy. Wawa and tidy up
08:00PM - back to Manila

Things to bring:

Extra clothes
3 liters of water
Hand gloves
Headlamp or flashlight
Sun protections (sunscreen, hat, arm sleeves, sunglasses)
Extra clothes
Trail food
Packed lunch
Medicine kit
Garbage bag


Thick soled shoes/sandals as rocks are sharp
Get enough rest, sleep, and food before trekking.

It was really a good thing that aside from the itinerary, Jen provided us with other details such as things needed to bring and tips for those who joined, especially the newbies who didn’t have any idea on what to prepare. A total of 19 people joined the hike. Everyone was excited - chatting almost every day and couldn’t wait for all of us to meet.

The day came and I woke up early in the morning. Good thing I got enough sleep compared to my previous hikes. My bag was already packed and I was ready to go. I went to the meeting place on Cubao Farmers on time. I recognize some familiar faces since I already met them on our previous hikes. I decided to buy food and drink coffee while waiting for others since we were meeting some of the joiners for the first time. We spent a little time to introduce ourselves one by one and it was fun meeting new people. I could imagine the awesome day ahead of us.

We took two vans going to Rodriguez then several tricycles going to Brgy. Wawa. Upon arrival, there were a lot of other groups waiting outside the Barangay Hall to register before trekking. We decided to start with Pamitinan because a lot of people are saying that it's easier than Hapunang Banoi and we were hoping to arrive at the peak earlier to witness the sea of clouds.

It was unexpected that Pamitinan is a bit challenging. Good thing we all have flash lights since it was still dark when we started. We were encouraging everyone to take few fives for us to arrive on the summit earlier because we were racing with the sun.

We successfully arrived at the summit around 6AM and we've witnessed the sea of clouds and it was awesome. We took time taking pictures on different spots, and then decided to go down after taking pictures at the rock formation.

Unfortunately, it took us a long time to go down due to the traffic since a lot of upcoming hikers were arriving. Everyone was starving, thus we took our lunch as soon as we arrived at the junction and spent an hour to recharge ourselves before going to Hapunang Banoi.

We started trekking going to Hapunang Banoi around 12PM. We're about to reach the top when we encountered a cliff and everyone was taking pictures on it. Two of my awesome friends were encouraging me to take a picture but I was hesitant.

My legs were getting stiff due to tiredness and I didn't know if I could still try to do some death defying pose. It took me minutes to decide on doing it. In the end it was worth it. Guess sometimes you just need a little push to experience new stuff.

We proceeded to Hapunang Banoi's summit and the view was incredible. We were able to see other mountains surrounding it, including Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Pamitinan, and the Wawa River that connects the three mountains. We took individual and group pictures before descending.

Going down was really hard due to exhaustion. We arrived around 5pm at Brgy. Wawa and some of us decided to take showers. We were at first planning to do a side trip on Wawa Falls but decided not to pursue due to the time.

I endured the pain on my legs, back, and toes but the journey was absolutely worth it. The two mountains exceeded my expectations. It was an awesome experience and I can't wait for our upcoming activities. Hiking and traveling allowed me to see amazing places and meet a handful of great people!

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