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Pandin Lake and Sampalok Lake

Posted by Jennilyn Ramer on January 10, 2017

There are seven lakes in San Pablo and Pandin Lake is one of them. Pandin is said to be the “most pristine” and trendy these days.

I always want to go there but it would be pricey if I go alone because all of my friends are always busy. So I decided to post a DIY and budget travel on Funbuddies. After posting, people started to join my activity and everyone was super friendly. We planned the activity together using the built-in group chat of the app and hired a van for easy transportation.

We agreed to meet-up at Jollibee Farmers in Cubao. Most of the joiners are solo travelers and I was excited to meet them personally and hear their stories.

It took us 4 hours going to San Pablo and from the parking lot of Brgy. San Angel, it will take you 15-20 minutes walk going to the lake but it felt like a minute because of the fun conversations.

And viola! Pandin Lake is indeed beautiful but please manage your expectations. Sometimes photos are deceiving and some posts are exaggerated. I know they are just promoting the place to help the community.

Pandin Lake is beautiful on its unique ways. It's surrounded with lush green trees and fresh air. It is considered oligotrophic due to abundant plant and fish life.

Trivia about Pandin and Yambo Lakes:

"It was told that these two lakes were named after two lovers. According to the legend, a beautiful woman named Pandin was cursed not to step on the earth, otherwise, something terrible would befall her. Yambo, her ardent lover, did not know about the curse and had made her step on earth, after which there was a terrible noise followed by the cracking grumble of the earth and a heavy downpour eventually converted the area into twin lakes separated from each other by a bare strip of land." - from Wikipedia

(Ang dami talaga napapahamak sa love na yan eh! Char!!! Hahaha!)

Side trip: We initially planned to visit Bato Spring after Pandin but since it’s already late, a friend suggested Sampalok Lake.

If you love biking and food trips, don’t miss Sampalok Lake.

Suggested itinerary (Pandin Lake and Bato Spring):

05:00AM - Meet-up
05:30AM - Departure
05:30AM - Going to San Pablo
08:30AM - Arrival to the Brgy. San Angel parking lot.
08:40AM - From the paking lot, 15 - 20 minutes walk going to Pandin Lake
09:00AM - Eat and Swimming
12:30PM - Departure (Going to Bato Spring)
01:00PM - Arrival (Bato Spring)
01:30PM - Swimming / Socials
06:00PM - Departure
09:00PM - Manila

Contacts and Credit:

Pandin Lake reservations: Aling Siona - 09299789565
Van Contact: Kuya Vic - 09153971866 (P5,500)
Photo Credit: Darnel Darns

Reminders / Tips:

Walk-in is not advisable. You may contact Aling Siona for reservations.
360 pesos per person for rafting and lunch
180 per person for rafting only
They require you to wear life jacket. (pero pag matigas ulo mo. swim at your own risk)

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