Turning Strangers to Close Friends

Mount Binacayan, Wawa Dam, and Carugo Falls

Posted by Jennilyn Ramer on October 31, 2016

Have you tried to hike with strangers? How was your experience? Mine was amazing. We all met using this app called Funbuddies. Funbuddies, is an app where you meet people with the same interest. You can post or join activities like hiking, travel, swimming, movie, food, and coffee.

I was a bit hesitant to download the app at first because I though it was similar to Tinder. (hahaha) I am not a fan of any dating apps. (I am so old fashioned. hahahaha) Plus, I'm more comfortable if I'm travelling with friends or with my travel buddy. (Pero wala na si travel buddy, bes. Wala kasing forever! hahahaha)

How did we start? I posted an activity that “I want to hike at Mount Pamitinan & Mount Binacayan” and many people joined. Together we planned the activity. We discussed where and when to meet using the built-in group chat. I enjoyed the whole process of planning. We all agreed to meet at Jollibee, Cubao (just under MRT Cubao station) since it is the most convenient meet-up location if you are going to Rodriguez, Rizal.

Mount Binacayan
Mountain Information
Major jump-off: Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 3/9. Trail class 1-4
Features: Limestone formations, scenic views of Sierra Madre and Rizal province
Source: Pinoy Mountaineer

The tricycle driver will drop you at the DENR office for registration. After settling our registration fees (50 pesos each) and Brgy. donations (5 pesos each). We started our trek.

The trail includes 80-90 degrees assault, rock climbing and bamboo forest. (Sorry, I don’t have photos of the bamboo forest, as I was struggling to survive the 80 degree assault. No time to take pictures.)

Para kanino ang Smile mo? Hahaha!
Introducing the Funbuddies CEO =)

After the 3-hour hike, we reached the SUMMIT and WOW! Indeed, the best views comes from the hardest climbs.

Overlooking of Wawa River and Sierra Madre Mountain range.

After an hour and a half, we decided to descend. It took us 2 hours back to the jump off and we had our lunch near the river.

It was supposed to be a twin hike but the group decided to just do a side trip in Carugo Falls. After a haggard trekking, who doesn't want a refreshing swim to end the day?

Tour Guide: Alex - 09478677369

Itinerary for Twin Hike:

03:00AM - Meet-up (Jollibee, Farmers in Cubao)
03:15AM - Departure
04:30AM - Arrival at Rodriguez, Rizal
04:40AM - Tricycle going to Brgy. Wawa
05:00AM - Registration at Brgy. Wawa
05:30AM - Start trek to Mount Binacayan
08:30AM - Arrival at Summit
09:30AM - Start to Descend
11:30AM - Back to jump-off or lunch
01:00PM - Start to trek going to Mount Pamitinan
03:00PM - Arrival at Summit
04:00PM - Start to Descent
06:00PM - Back to jump off / tidy up and take outbound trike.

Expenses: P318

FX (Cubao to Montalban): P50
Tricycle going to Brgy. Wawa: P15
DENR Registration fee: P50
Tour guide - 500 per guide (3 guides): P120 each (Tip included)
Donation: P5 pesos
Cottage: 160 /16 = P10
Boat going to falls (rt) = P10
Jeep going to FX terminal: P8
Montalban to Cubao: P50

Things to bring:

Extra clothes
3 liters of water
Pocket Money
Power bank
Hand gloves
Trail food
Personal medicine

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