The Hidden Resort and Hot Air Balloon Festival

Pampanga Adventure

Posted by Frenz Warly Vallente on February 11, 2017

The recent Hot Air Balloon Festival was held last February 9 to 12 at Clark Freeport, Pampangga, Philippines. The festival is the longest-running sports aviation event in Asia, gathering aviators and spectators from around the world for four days of non-stop flying action. It was my first time to attend the event and it was an awesome experience. Thanks to Funbuddies. The activity was posted by Jen with the following details:

02:00AM - Meet up at Jollibee Farmers Cubao
02:30AM - Departure
06:00AM - Hot Air Balloon Festival
08:00AM - Foodtrip
09:00AM - Sandbox
12:00PM - Lunch
01:00PM - Poracay Resort
05:00PM - Departure to Manila
09:00PM - Back in Manila

It was super early in the morning, I arrived at the Farmers in Cubao on time at 2AM. Thankfully, the group was already complete when I arrived so we left right away around 2:30AM since we came from Metro Manila. It was a long travel and we arrived in Pampanga around 6AM. Unfortunately, we were not on the venue at that moment due to the heavy traffic but we can already see hot air balloons being prepared. Hence, we decided to get out of the van then walk going to the festival.

We were welcomed by the cool breeze and so many people are walking with us because they were also stuck in traffic. The balloons started to fly one-by-one. It was an awesome moment and it made me feel like a child again. We went near the stage and spent time taking photos until all of the balloons were gone.

We left the festival around 8AM. The group decided to look for a good place to eat since all of us were already hungry.

Sisig is one of the most popular food in Pampangga and of course we didn't want to miss it. We searched Google and discovered Aling Lucing's Sisig. We ate, enjoyed the food, and finished our lunch around 10AM then the group decided to go directly to Sandbox. Unfortunately, the line was super long and heat was terrible. Though we want to experience all the activities at Sandbox, we skipped them and searched for other things to do. Thus, we decided to look for another side trip since it was only around 11AM.

Majority of the members wanted to go swimming so we took a few minutes to look for a nearest beach or resort and we ended up going to Poracay Resort. None of us has visited the place so everyone got excited.

Poracay was entitled as "The Hidden Resort". The title was very appropriate since the place is really hard to find.

The resort was unexpectedly big. It has a lot of swimming pools. Some were designed with falls. The place is divided into two: South Wing and North Wing. They also have lagoon area for Kayak and they have Ziplines which is from North to South-end of the resort. We've spent our whole afternoon swimming. The place was great.

We went back to Manila around 6PM and the total expense we spent per head was 1,040 pesos only. Though we weren't able to follow our itinerary, we all had fun in the end. It was definitely a great day and I can confirm that the saying "sometimes the best moments are the ones you least expect" is true.

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