Why Partner?

Travelers & Hikers

Finding your target customers can be time-consuming. Good news! Majority of the Funbuddies users are already your target audience.

Let Funbuddies do the work. Just maximize your time on organizing creative, and super fun activities.

Notify Customers

All Funbuddies users who fistbumped your profile will get notified when you post an activity.

Eliminate the hassle of inviting them one by one or blasting social media groups to advertise your activity.


Creating a group chat and adding your joiners individually is an inconvenient process.

With the Funbuddies app, every activity is already provided with a built-in chat where you can discuss about the details of your activity.

Free Publicity

Funbuddies' social media pages have 30,000+ followers: Facebook page (16,000) and group (13,000), and Instagram (1,000).

We also have a blog for Philippine Mountains at www.mountains.ph.

We'll feature your activities on all those channels.

Why Partner?

Become a partner in 3 steps

Use Funbuddies

Download Funbuddies and use it as your primary event app. Let's support each other.

Introduce Yourself

We want to know more about you by providing us a little information about you or your team

Become a Partner

Collab Event

Let's jump-start our Partnership by organizing an activity together. It will be your activity, we'll just help you find joiners.

Excited to Succeed Together?

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